Friday, June 22, 2007

father's day/tummy time

Father's day found 3 generations hanging out by a lake. Hopefully we will have pictures soon of Ty jumping off a 40 foot bridge into the water. I stayed on the dock. Next time we'll get a life jacket for Max so he can go out on the boat. Tomorrow, on an equally nautical note, we will be going to watch Flugtag (google: nashville red bull flugtag). Max needs to learn the principles of gravity early. He's learning everything else so fast... Now he can grab things, and he is smiling like a champion. Ladies get jealous if he smiles at one more than the other. The secret is to tickle his feet. These are some pictures of Max getting tummy time. Did you know that, since the advent of AAP's "Back to Sleep" campaign, which has decreased the occurence of SIDS by nearly half, babies are crawling later because all the time on their backs robs them of important opportunities for muscular development? So we make sure that Max gets plenty of bodybuilding time. Here's the proof. PS apparently blogger is getting video! keep you posted.

Friday, June 8, 2007

country living

Max is at his grandpa's and I am enjoying a coolish afternoon, watching my neighbor's little boys playing baseball with a wiffle ball and a fallen tree branch, a relic of the big storm that passed through here. Sooner than I can really understand Max will be playing like that. I wonder if he'll be like the batter, who plays by the rules, or the pitcher, who makes up his own. It's Friday and I don't quite know what to do with the 18 hours of free time I have! I can wash my hair without interruption! I can paint my toenails! I can talk to Ty about something other than the color and consistency of Maxi's last diaper deposit! Speaking of talking -- one thing I find hilarious is the difference in conversation Max hears from Ty and from me. I guess it's a balance. Daddy tells him about the state of the universe, politics, and the game of life. Mom says, "Maxi's grabbing Mommy's nose!" He's a well-rounded (and, at 13 pounds, well-round) boy.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Babies spend more time in Rapid Eye Movement (REM – “dream sleep”) than at any other time in their lives. Babies in REM are a pretty freaky sight. Eyes twitching, fleeting expressions, grunts and spasms make it seem like they are possessed. It’s been said that babies need REM to consolidate all the learning they are doing during the day. I would have to say, sometimes it seems like Max is reliving the day's events in 10x digital fast forward. It’s pretty hilarious actually. I can almost picture him reviewing the walk we went on yesterday, as his eyes dart all around behind his lids and his face lights up in a succession of half-second smiles. Then the trauma of getting out of the bath, a quick grunt and grimace, the compression of a four minute scream-fest… For a brief moment, his eyes open and only the whites are showing. I consider calling a priest.